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    Is there a way to install a stargazer window in the front of the teardrop?  Maybe even two small ones at angle?  I was wondering if it can be done the same way as the fan/vent install? Do you think this would be a future add-on option?

    I love the idea of putting it together like giant puzzle.   The only thing that is holding me back from purchasing my kit is the cost of shipping,  duties and taxes to Canada and the stargazer window that I really want in my teardrop build.





    I’d suggest that you email Dillon at CLC and ask him about the feasibility of adding a window.  he built both of CLC’s teardrop prototypes and is as familiar with them as anyone.

    dillon at CLCboats dot com


    I think it would not be that hard. Maybe a little thicker Lexan for the windows. Need some kind of protective canvas covers for traveling down the road. Certainly worth considering.


    A forward/upward facing window is absolutely in the plan for my build… probably a non-opening window made of lexan and mounted the same as the door windows. Depends on structural integrity after removing the shell in that area. Stay tuned to my thread in the coming months for pics. 😉

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