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    On to the fenders: did not seem right to slap on some aluminum or galvanized ones, so went a different route –

    First drawing them up – again flexible stick and French Curve drafting

    Then a male mold to shape the panels

    Patterns made of “wigglewood” – much easier to bend.

    Then the female mold:

    Okoume panels bent in, glassed and epoxied just like camper shell:

    I added inner fenders at front and back for strength, filled ends with two part foam, glassed and sprayed with bedliner paint. Then fixed to camper shell


    Amazing build Mike.  Love the attention to detail.  I really like the torsion axle frame hidden in the body.  I’d like see a little more detail on how the tongue ties in to the cross member.  Do those diagonal rails from the tongue extend to the cross member at the axles or do they mount to the plywood body?


    Matt, thanks for the kind words.

    I am away from home until July, so a bit limited in my reply. But I can say that the diagonal rails do not tie into cross member. The ends are welded to angle sections (at the base of the triangle) that are drilled and then bolted through the front of my storage box (3/4 inch ply) which is drilled oversize and filled with hardened epoxy and re-drilled. Inside the box are matching 1/4 inch steel plates to accept bolts and sandwich the ply.

    The tongue piece has 4×6 inch plates welded ate the far end, top and bottom. They slip over and under cross member and bolt through it and continue through floor and matching steel plated underneath.

    When I get back I can post some sketches and photos.

    Lastly a disclaimer- I am no engineer and this may or may not work long term and / or be safe. Buying a manufactured trailer is the safer way to go.


    Matt, for more details best to contact me directly:

    barnards then the @ sign, then




Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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