Yakima Rack-n-Roll as the trailer for the CLC Teardrop?

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    Hi All!

    Quick question for you CLC Teardrop pros: could one mount the teardrop on a Yakima Rack-n-Roll trailer to make a truly featherweight teardrop package?

    yakima rack-n-roll


    My understanding is that you can get heavier duty shocks for the trailer that are good to tow 300+ pounds, which should carry the weight of the basic teardrop, right?  I just have no idea how the teardrop is designed to be affixed to the trailer, so have no idea how the roof rack bars on the trailer might work.

    But holy cow, all in, this combo would weigh in at a whopping 340-ish pounds.

    [And just in case you’re curious, I ask because I already happen to have one of these that I got cheap, so it woud seriously decrease the cost of this project if it were usable.]




    Boy, I don’t have any experience with that trailer.  I think the Teardrop itself is light, but is probably more than 300 pounds, at least when it is loaded (kitchen, mattress, battery, etc). I’d have someone look at your trailer who could give you some better input than I could.  Lots of us have ours on little Harbor Freight trailers, but they are usually rated for 1500 to 1700 pounds. I would guess my teardrop and trailer together weigh around 1000, maybe a little less.  Much of that weight is my cargo drawers and system that sits under the Teardrop. Folks have weighed their teardrops, so there is data out there.


    Thanks for the input @cwebster.  I was basing my weight figure purely on the trailer’s weight (160#) and CLC’s listed weight for the unfurnished teadrop+galley combo (180#).  I do realize there will be more weight with furnishings, but I’m not planning on loading it up beyond bedding and kitchen furnishings, and maybe a small lithium battery.


    I would be concerned about the speed rating of those tires while weighted down. I have also seen heavier framed trailers that have had a cracked tongue while hauling these “light” campers. It’s not just the weight, there’s bouncing and wind downforce to consider as well. But I’m only a lazyboy engineer…hahaha

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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