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    Where did you get the base trailer from? I’m in Sask, about to start my build.




    We have successfully spent one night in the camper. Still have galley kit, fenders, and headliner to install, but it’s looking good.   I used rubber weatherseal around my doors which I think makes tighter seal, and it really accents the doors nicely.


    Side view

    Front view



    The HOPITAT is complete.

    Not my kind of beer, but my home town!Not my kind of beer, but my home town! Wood burned logo before fiberglass.


    A modular addition to the boxA modular addition to the box

    Holds a variety of 2 and 3 gallon kegs. 4 at least.

    But even more portable and modular for the lush-on-the-go!

    Thanks for looking!



    We finally got around to posting this. I guess we were just too occupied with having fun with Campy McCamperface this summer. Thanks so much for the excellent manual (or as we called it “The Bible”) and other builders on the forum to help us through the tense moments. Winter is bearing down on us but we will spend it tweaking the details and making big plans for next summer.Campy McCamperface



    Final galley layout, Just finished 3000km road trip. Good times.



    Which trailer did you go with?





    Had mine built buy a local engineering firm as all trailer supplier’s  were far to buisy here in New zealand 😜.

    It wasn’t cheep but they did an awsome job. I had to trim the guards back as the cabin slopes out more than I calculated. They also welded in the water tank supports which you can just see in the photo.

    Made from aluminium to keep draw bar weight below 50kg. This is due to full size tyres (rough roads here) and aft axil placement for door clearance. Retro gurds would be cool but happy with flat angle, makes a handy place to put stuff.

    Happy to supply dimensions if anyone is serious about doing the same.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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