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    So mine took about 5 months, working off and on. I decided to do the foot box down below so I could have a couch set up and storage and drawers in the back. The inside foot box hatch doors turn into a table for inside while you have it in couch mode. I added a bluetooth fm radio and it is wired for 110 and 12 volt.
    Lots of lights and a vent fan up top. Its got a harbor freight trailer and battery box. It also has an 80 watt solar set up thats portable. Im in Portland and it was only built to sell so if anyones interested Im putting it on craigslist soon, probably for around $8500.00
    I live near Portland Oregon.



    inside pin to lock door



    Just wanted to add a pic from a great trip we took to the rockies from minneapolis



    At the beginning of July, I wrapped up most of the work on my camper, The Scotch Egg.  Last week, my fiancé and I drove it from our home in Connecticut to Lily Bay State Part in Maine and got married when we arrived. It kept us comfortable despite some rainy days. Here are some action pics:

    se 1







    Completed camper? Not really, most of us would still tinker for a long time to come I expect. In my case I want to extend the length of the ex 8 x 5 (now 6 x 5) trailers draw bar later so I can put the storage box up front, there isnt room on this trailer currently.

    I put a two tone vinyl covering on the insulation and I think it looks magic. Added conduit as galley hatch stops and also internal door locks to keep the wife happy. Shove the camper in a local crater and it looks quite scenic & adventurous!

    CLC Campers go down under!





Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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