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    I went on a multi-day trip in hot weather several weeks ago and while I was on the road the galley lid warped. The center, with the hasp, stayed fine, but the ends warped up so that the lid is smiling at you. All very cheerful, but it also removed the pressure on the weather stripping and during a thunderstorm about a cup of rainwater came onto the galley. Here’s how I fixed it.

    Before the fix, one of the warped corners wide open to water and bug intrusion (this is with the center hasp closed and locked):

    Warped galley lid corner

    Polypropylene flat webbing attached with stainless steel flathead machine screw and flanged finish washer:

    Webbing attached to top outside galley lid

    Side release buckle on end of webbing, the webbing held in place inside with a nylon locking nut, water-proofed with silicon rubber sealant compound:

    Mating strap on bottom, showing the engaged buckle. Same method of attachment as detailed above for the top strap. The loose end allows tightening to compensate for long-term stretching of the webbing.

    Both straps installed, buckled and tightened:

    Warp at corner eliminated:

    Attaching the bottom strap requires someone to hold the locking nut while tightening the machine screw. That’s fine if your arms are about 10 feet long, or if you have a helper. With normal-sized arms and no helper it can be a challenge. This neat tool takes care of the problem for you. Simply tighten the crescent wrench onto the nut such that the wrench stands vertically against the inside of the camper under the galley. The attached vise grip keeps the wrench from moving and the tool becomes your helper inside the camper keeping the nut from rotating while you tighten the screw.

    The straps permanently solve the leak issue and add only a second or two to the process of opening and closing the lid. All the parts are available from CLC (follow the links), or if you’re an inveterate kayak builder you may just have them on hand. Enjoy the dry galley.


    Tom B Texas

    Looks ike this worked well. I would have considered adding 2 more latches to simplify. Well done 🙂

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