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    Greetings to all and thanks to previous posters for their many useful comments.

    I am building from plans with a twist: I am adding a 2ft stretch between molds 4 & 5. I figure they do it with planes and around here (British Columbia) ferries – so why not a teardrop?

    The main reason is that I want under counter storage in the galley sufficient to hold a pull out 12v fridge, together with drawers and water containers for sink. Inside the cabin the stretch will give me room for cabinets and a little more room to move. The dimensions of the stretched shell will be 5×10 which is a common size for traditional or commercial teardrops.

    First job was to mock it up to assess new proportions and to check where cut and stretch would go. Then laying out full size plans for panels, pasting in a 2ft sheet of paper and adjusting curves to incorporate stretch. No CAD here, so resorted to “flexible stick” drafting.

    Next, I added an additional mold between 4 & 5 to support the stretched section. I also beefed up the mold a bit on account of the increased size.

    Now on to shell construction.




    Wow That is cool ! Great idea



    When we do it on a ship after construction it is called jumboization.



    I am impressed with your design.

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