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    You are doing such a nice job with this that I am inspired to try it.  I extended the standard model by 20 inches and did a paper model.  I am not as good as you are with the model so I will cut wood at small scale and try it.  Then I will know if the shapes fit for the full scale model.


    paper test of 20 inch extension



    Matukas, greetings and all the best on this adventure. I am happy to share my experiences and opinions with you. Travelling for 10 days, so currently difficult on phone. If you want to email me we can correspond directly. My email:


    then the @ sign







    I decided to paint the bottom of my trailer with U-Pol Raptor black bedliner paint. The kit comes with a spray gun and the process is quite easy – but very smelly – would not want to do this in an attached garage.


    I brought the paint up the sides over my underfloor storage add on. Now for the final flip:



    I welded up a trailer and used 15 inch tires. This allowed for a popdown storage hatch in the rear and made the galley floor only 38 inches high.



    15 inch wheels will be much gentler on the bearings than 12 inch wheels.  I did the same thing.



    Testing 13″ and 14 ” wheels on my trailer. Adjustable spindle arm angles give me some flexibility. One consideration: 14 ” wheels put me just over width limit requiring extra lights in this jurisdiction.

    13″ wheels give me 11″ ground clearance and 39″ counter height even with 8 inch underfloor storage box.


    Inside I have added buttress blocks inside my storage compartments. These are filleted and taped on all sides and greatly increase rigidity of my double floor and also support my interior hatch lids:



    Stretch update here:

    To avoid the standard door stretch to keep the doors in shape I gave them a full second skin of overlapping birch plywood instead. Glued it up into a temporary mold.So far has kept the shape perfectly.

    Next to the hinges, and also modded them, partly because my doors and hatch are heavier than standard and partly for esthetics. I cut three pieces of ply for each side of each hinge, laminated and then shaped to something of a teardrop shape, like so:




    Next on to my tow bar to be inserted through underfloor box and bolted through front wall, floor and axle through matching steel plates:

    Had a bike rack receiver welded to my frame so that I can easily add a rack:

    I will have two batteries in boxes on the diamond plate, so had it drilled to accommodate that.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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