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    I have not started the build yet.   Just ordered kit.   It occured to me there may be room for a table to slide out under the galley.  Remove center latch and place two, one on the right and left of center.   Widen the galley bed supports in the middle to accomadate a 24″ wide shelf that will slide out (but not detach) and act as a small table.  Legs can be simple dowels stored in galley during travel.

    Has anyone looked it that?




    I don’t think this is what you asking but it’s how I added a side table to the 1/4 panel.


    I have made a slide out table inside the camper. It is narrow, it fits in between the galley countertop stiffners, it is as long as the galley countertop, and it slides out on two drawer guides.

    It works just fine for rainy morning breakfasts, and for beverage holders while watching tv in bed, yes I have installed a tv in my camper.


    Daniel, would you mind posting some photos of your slide-out table?



    Looking at the galley table stiffeners made me think of drawer runners so I had the idea of shallow drawers that would pull out into the cabin. They have to be shallow because that’s where your feet go and their depth would depend on a mattress size but even a one to two inch deep drawer would be helpful for holding some smaller items out of the way. So before the bottom was attached, I added runners to the stiffeners. The runners are about 1/2 by 1/2 and glued to both sides of a stiffener, or only one side depending on the stiffener location. I knew that if I didn’t add them now, it would be much harder later and if the drawer (however deep it is) gets in the way, then they just won’t be used – no big deal. You see them clamped in place below. This is on the bottom of the galley floor. I used Titebond waterproof glue and this area gets epoxy so I’m sure they’re not going anywhere, especially because the drawers can not be very big and won’t be heavy.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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