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    Living in the south and camping there in the hot humid summer I discovered it very uncomfortable, even using the exhaust fan did not provide enough moving air for comfort and if there was a breeze there was no way to catch it with no windows to open. I thought of putting some sort of opening in the door panes and added screens but it would lose the good looks of the styling so I looked around for some boat type portholes. A lot of the plastic ones got got bad press for leaking and having experience sleeping under this type during rain. I settled on these stainless steel ones that came with screens but due to the thinness of the teardrop had to make a wooden ovel ring for an interior spacer that also adds a bit of bling to the installation. Since they don’t come with a way to hold them open I designed a catch to hold them in the full open position, closed they dog down and seal tight, no leeks when closed. With them open and a broadside breeze it’s very comfortable and it also affords a nice view. With no breeze I turn on my pulse modulated speed control fan as low as it will go and end up with a good a good breeze across my face with little if any fan noise. I placed them in a position not only for looks but a view when lieing down and to catch the breeze across my head as well as a non curved portion of the body. The window is safety glass so won’t discolor with age. They are sealed with 5200.



    I like the looks of those windows



    Very good idea. I am toying with the idea of adding something like that to the front for light and ventilation.
    I elected not to doo the mushroom vents, and put I am putting in venting windows on the sides instead of the fixed plexi.
    Where did you find the potholes?


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