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    I have found the pastry bag technique to spread the Wood flour resin a little tedious  I found that spooning it into place,  then running the radius spreader of it worked just as well.  Just make sure you lay down a good bead along the seams first.   Anyone else do it this way?








    Yes, here! I dislike spooning out, too, as the cleanup is always a nightmare. But never got comfortable with the pastry bags, so it’s no use…

    BR, Johannes


    One messy attempt with pastry bag technique was enough for me. For my modded design with integrated underfloor storage I had multiple lengthy fillets to make. I highly recommend the West System fillable caulking tube:

    Mix your thickened epoxy, pour into tube, put it in a standard caulking gun and go to work.


    I found the pastry bag technique worked really well for me, and made it very easy to apply a consistently sized bead in the right place. A few things I found helpful:

    1) Use the pastry bags available from CLC instead of using freezer bags. The “real” pastry bags have sharper points and don’t stretch, so you can control the placement, volume and speed of application better.

    2) Put the peanut butter-like paste in the bag, cut the tip to the desired size, lay the bag flat on a counter top and use a paint stick or filleting tool to squeegee the paste toward the tip.

    3) Squeeze the loose part of the bag behind the paste, then twist the loose open end of the bag until it applies pressure to the paste.

    You’ll then have a taut bulb of paste in a pointed dispenser. For me, this is like using a caulking gun and is much faster and neater than plastering it on with a spoon. Everybody has their favorite way of doing things, this is mine!



    I think spooning it out would drive me bonkers and I don’t think I’d be able to get good results at all but I’d have to see it in action to know for sure. I’m using the pastry bag technique with used freezer bags and it has worked great for me. We buy cheap, medium-duty bags so I was worried about the seams bursting as I squeezed but so far no problems.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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