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    Hi all, I searched the forum and am coming up short trying to find out if anyone has built a window ¬†on the front end of the trailer where you put your head? I’ve seen examples in other trailers like Mink from Iceland or the Droplet from Canada that’s inspired our idea. If you have done this, tips/tricks? thoughts? I see one guy mentioned he was going to do it in the forum, but then his final design didn’t include it.

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    Last summer a tree branch fell through the side panel of my camper. I decided to enlarge the hole and put in a skylight on both right and left panels. It ended up bringing much more light into the cabin. I then figured I would put in a skylight at the front end so at night I could see the stars. I first cut out a hole, then scribed a frame to fit the curve of the camper. I attached the frame to the camper with epoxy and wood filler. I had rabbeted out a notch in the frame that I put the plexiglass into along with silicone caulk. I then built a frame inside the cabin to cover the edges of the hole. I can’t seem to download my images to this note. My email is If you send me your email address I will be glad to send you some images.

    Ralph Brown




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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