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    Hi,  on my Blue mix,  the dispenser sticks half way.  any thoughts on how to fix it?  it is very annoying to have to lift the nozzle each time.   thanks.




    take it apart and check all the edges are smooth and the spring ends


    @Youngjedi I’ve had the same problem but it only sticks at the bottom so when I push down my standard process is to immediately lift when it hits bottom then it continues up and is ready for the next pump by the time I’ve dispensed red. Are you still on your first set of pumps? CLC shipped me two sets with the kit and I swapped them after going through about 1.5 gallons or more. You can also order a new set from CLC ($13) if disassembly and cleaning doesn’t do the trick.


    I found mixing by weight to be faster and easier. Ratio by weight can be found on MAS web site. I used a note card with weights for different volumes needed and weigh it in the cup on kitchen scale. Just pour from the jug, no pumping.


    Pro-tip: if using the spouse’s kitchen scales, first cover with plastic wrap.


    As I advance in age, counting the number of pumps has become less reliable – was it 10, or just 7, or…? So I always weigh, write down the exact weight, and do the arithmetic for the second ingredient. A little gram scale can weigh out very small mixes, so little patch jobs don’t use a full 1/2 oz batch. Other advantages: I can weigh out a dab of fast hardener from a pint as needed, and scavenge those last few mLs that the pump can’t reach.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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