Impressions of the CLC recommended mattress?

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    John of Oregon

    I am considering mattresses and am wondering what people think of the mattress that CLC sells.  Self inflating, with just 4 inches of height sounds great, allowing for good vertical height for the legs and feet.  Self-inflating also makes me wonder how harsh the consequences are if it springs a leak and how likely that is — also, the more it is like a traditional air mattress, the less insulating it would be, so I am wonder about that as well.  Four inches also makes me wonder about how comfortable it will be.  I am really hoping to hear back that it is a great option as I really like the short height for the extra room it affords, but wanted to see what others with some experience think, thanks.


    I went with a 6″ tri-fold memory foam mattress. Its almost as comfortable as our bed at home. Tri-fold was a must in order to get it inside and even at 6″ it still has plenty of foot room.

    John of Oregon

    Thank you for the tip!  I think I’ll look at the 6 inch as well as a tri-fold that is four inches thick I just discovered, but the concept looks like a good way to go.  (My logic on the four inches is that it will leave a bit of room to add ensolite padding under it for added insulation if I think that might be necessary.)

    Background: I just bought a well-used CLC camper (studied how-to-build my own for months, concluded that my single car garage that is wet half the year just wasn’t going to work, so began looking in the pre-owned market).   It has a mattress that is pushing 8 inches thick, which felt too crowded to me.  I have spent one night in it — camping on my journey bringing it home — in temperatures that went below freezing.  I was pleased with the performance, but do want to get more leg room!  The teardrop was built almost 5 years ago and will need a fair bit of restoration work — I am familiar with wood, epoxy, and fiberglass work, but certainly have a lot to learn.  Again, thanks for the tip!


    I haven’t tried out the CLC one, but I got a folding mattress and it’s the perfect size. Folds into a little couch easily from within the TD and is pretty comfy seemingly. We haven’t finished the TD build yet so TBD on it’s moisture resistance and comfort on the road.



    I am using comfortable futon mattress, no other mattress could be so comfortable as it is. It is also recommended by CLC


    I have the CLC recommended mattress. Both my wife and I find it very comfortable. It does need some kind of sheet, sleeping bag or other bedclothes, though, because the bare mattress surface is not pleasant to lie on, especially where it contacts bare skin.

    John of Oregon

    Just to be clear, the description of the CLC mattress sounds like it is inflatable, but I am not entirely sure.  I should probably just call CLC with the question but I am leaning toward the tri-fold mattress idea because I am concerned about having something that works like an air mattress, meaning eventually it will leak.  Is that the case with the CLC mattress?  I really appreciate the help.

    John of Oregon

    Update: I have been reading through all the forum posts and came across this one today:

    Mattress Options

    The page didn’t appear when I searched for “mattress” or something similar earlier, but it does shed some light on the subject as well, so worth a read for those with this question.  I haven’t made a decision yet, but am leaning toward a tri-fold.


    I went with a tri-fold 4 inch foam mattress and added a ‘plush extra deep pocket down alternative mattress topper’ to it. The topper was a special buy of the day at Home Depot recently and it’s quite comfortable.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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