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    I had a bad day and installed window sills backwards. After looking at symmetry of sills and bit of sill that door hardware connects to I decided I probably could get away with reproducing door latch part of sill and gluing that to side of door that latch hooks to (see pics). I’ve done this but have not yet glued into door yet…since I wanted to check with forum to see if anyone could foresee any problems I might be creating by doing this. Thanks in advance.
    Mike in MT


    Looks to me like your fix should work. My only concern is if your door stiffeners still fit.


    Yes – I checked stiffeners…they still fit.  I’m just a little worried about tolerances for hatch hardware (where the hatch hardware pivot fits).  I couldn’t find anything in manual about exact location, though it looks right.  After thinking about it more…I guess I probably should dry-fit door hardware before I glue things together.


    thanks for reply



    Looks like a good fix. I like the symmetry too!

    There’s also a little protrusion at the top of the frame where you line up the mounting block for some hardware. Be thoughtful of alignment up there since you won’t have that protrusion to go by.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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