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    Hi All,


    I am in the finishing stages of my camper, and having a problem. In. the process of getting the epoxy level, I have a lot of places where the fiberglass is now visible. The folks at CLC said I needed to re-coat that and sand again, but even sanding by hand with 22o grit, I just expose the fiberglass again. It is really quite frustrating. I am having the camper clear coated with an autobody coat, and I noticed that when I test varnish out on some of these spots, the fiberglass goes away, similar to the effect when it is epoxied. I’m wondering if I should just try to re-coat the worst of it, and the more subtle spots will be erased by the clear coats wetting effect? If anyone has experience with this, I am all ears.


    I’m not sure about the clear coat issue but the exposed parts is a function of how much re-creating you’re doing. Try 3 coats before sanding


    I have a stitch and glue kayak (Pygmy boats) that is built the same way as the camper.   I too have sanded an area a little too much and exposed the fiberglass pattern.    I coated the entire kayak with marine grade varnish and you can’t see any fiberglass.   To prevent the kayak from fading,  i recoat with varnish about every 5-7 years…depending on use.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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