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    I wanted a place in the cabin to keep a few things handy and not clutter up the sleeping area. I toyed with the idea of cutting two holes in the bulkhead and procuring some cabinet from galley area above the left and right cabinet area that is sort of wasted anyway but decided against it and got more room without cramping the cabin interior or taking valuable galley space. It took at least 3 full size mock ups before I made the cabinet out of wood. I had saved all the large cardboard pieces from the teardrop packing and did some stitch and ca glue for fast construction of my prototypes. I kept the cabinet curved to match the shelf curve and even steam bent the storage openings frames. The finished cabinet fits flush to the insulated ceiling and sides and bolts to the bulkhead. I lined the bottom with some scrap carpet to hinder sliding around. I think a mentioned this when it was under construction a while back, this is it finally installed.



    That looks really nice! CLC should work with you to make a kit version. I’m npot sure we have the carpentry skills to do that ourselves but it makes a great addition!



    Me too. I need this.




    Your idea is amazing! We were debating the addition of some kind of in cabin storage. Really glad we saw your design!  Did you use all okoume?  Wondering how you got the curve in the front panel.



    Love that idea… I’m going to incorporate a version of it in my teardrop. I’m working from plans so I have extra okume to spare for some mods. I’m thinking of adding some headboard storage as well… something sloped at an angle so that it helps with pillow space…





    Outstanding! I’d planned to do exactly this in my build. I’m really glad you did it first. It looks great!

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