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    I started the build process last week. The kit has been sitting since October, waiting for the PNW to warm up!

    So far no issues really. I am glad I have long arms tho to reach these seams. I have installed the hatch stiffener and and next is the “hatch lid”. After a few minutes of head scratching, I realized the hatch lid parts are labeled hatch stiffener.

    None of my work is perfect and that’s alright. It’s headed for the hills not a museum.



    Hatch stiffener



    Like several others, I mounted my vent hatch bezel early. I had sanded the top and one side already. You can see the near side isn’t sanded yet.

    I cut the hole small, but it still barely fit without falling in. Yesterday I re-drilled sealed stitch holes and wired them to hold in place, added a bead of thickened epoxy except at wires, and tightened them from inside (last time crawling I hope!).  This morning I sanded some rough epoxy drops, eased the edges of the bezel, fine sanded, filleted, and fiberglassed. Piece of cake compared to fiberglassing top of shell. Used spreader, no darts needed.

    Behind the TD you can see galley pieces always ready to use up extra epoxy. I sanded a few pieces after epoxy, and I only plan on one coat of epoxy and two of varnish. It isn’t exposed much and of all the TD parts this is the easiest to take off  and refurbish if need be.


    Pinking shears,  pinking shears, my kingdom for pinking shears. I should have started with a sacrificial pair but kept forgetting to pick one up. I think it would have helped with stray fiberglass strands. Next up, more sanding on this big bass drum.


    Hatch mounting




    pinking shears would have been great!  you should add that tip to the “Bob’s tips and tricks” thread.  also for folks whose mothers didn’t sew, you might describe what pinking shears are!



    Bob D.

    I use surgical scissors for that.  eBay.



    I don’t have any problem cutting the fiberglass. Pinking shears have a zig-zag cut that prevents strands from unravelling.



    I picked up some more foam brushes today. I have lots of chip brushes left but they are pretty much useless. Hairs come out constantly and embed in the epoxy. That little expense put me over the $20K for this project so far. Rough estimate

    In order to use the garage, which is where my wife parked, I had to pave the long back driveway at our house and add gates. $10K.

    The other side of the garage was shop and brewing equipment. That stayed, but it was also my serving keezer. That had to go, so I had to build a cedar he-shed. All decked out that was about $3K.

    Wife didn’t want to get out of her car to open back gates at new driveway. Solar powered gate openers $1K.

    CLC kit $3.5K.

    Tools, some I needed, most I just wanted (excuse) $1K

    Electronics $.6K

    Stuff: cups, rags, table, plastic, sand paper $.3K

    Trailer $1.2K.

    Too busy for happy hour -$.5K



    I’m at 3.5 K on mine.

    I brew in the house 0.0K

    Shoved model airplane stuff into corner to make room in garage 0.0K

    Kit 2.3K, trailer .7K, all other misc BS 1K = 4K

    Have slept in it 5 nights saving about .1k per night = -.5K



    Bought a personal watercraft trailer, removed wood bunks and added aluminum bunks at wheel height. Also shortened the portion aft of the axel. Pre modpost mod

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