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Bob D.

So at the risk of being the jerk that hijacks threads…. here goes (and I’ll do better in the future).


I’m wrong about clamping force squeezing out too much glue.  I read up on it last night and there is no way these spring clamps can squeeze so hard that it would weaken the joint in any significant way -IF THIS WERE WOOD GLUE.   Here’s some useful info with experimental data and such:


I don’t know how epoxy behaves in a test like this so I retract my above comment.   I did end up using spring clamps a plenty for my window sill install because, no surprise, the side of the camper isn’t at all flat but the sill is flat.   Clamping these parts together absolutely did change the shape of the door and whole side.  Bummer.


The manual says something about buying a bunch of extra 1/16″ drill bits cuz we’ll break them.  I didn’t break any so I’m using them as alignment dowel pins for the window sill, and later the door stiffener.


Here’s where I am right now: