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    I know it was discussed before the topic of window blinds, for privacy.

    Here is my solution: a sheet of black crafting foam (from the craft store, used for cosplay costumes) of 5/8 thickness, cut to match the outline of the window sill, to cover the nuts from the window-holding screws. Then I punched holes to allow those nuts to fit through the foam. And done.


    Brilliant! So simple. I think I’ll adopt something similar. Now for the mosquito netting…



    That mosquito netting statement sounds like a homework assignment 😉 (yes, it is on my to do list)


    The foam was a great idea.  I did the same thing, but using an old yoga mat instead. The cover pulls right off and is easy to store. Black color would have been better, but beggars can’t be choosers. Yoga mat foam for window covering


    We put LED lights under the eyebrow. Sometimes we call it the porch light and sometimes we call it the lightshield. The outside lights and the smoke “glass” seem to work.


    A fabric covering isn’t hard to sew. If I can do it (with the help of my daughter) then just about anyone can. I doubled up the fabric up so that the Peanuts characters are on both sides. Velcro holds the fabric wrapped around the metal door rod (the sewn-on mating pieces match up) and on the hinge side where adhesive back velcro is on the door and pieces are sewn at the top and bottom corners of the fabric.

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