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    Has anyone added a water tank/jug to their camper?



    I’ve kicked the idea around a few times. Maybe be a 5 or 10 gallon that mounts under the camper. I’ve not run across the perfect solution yet. And I need to get the electronics done first 😛


    Yes, added a 40 ltr tank under the camper just aft of the axil. Fitted a 3litre/min marine water pump, sink and tap. Added a t junction off the sink tap for the shower to plug into.

    Fill point is in he galley RH, sink and tap in the galley LH

    Drains into a portable 40ltr grey water tank I got from the local RV store.. This was a regional requirement to get certified (self contained), In Newzealand we need this certification to use most free camping spots.


    Another couple of thoughts that may help if you go down this road.

    run the wiring in the galley down threw a riser pvc tube, this has several benefits.

    prevents water, should a leak occur, from entering the cabin,

    But make sure the riser is

    A .. not so tall that any flooding will reach any of the electronics

    B…. tall enough that water can drain out the back of the galley.

    Havent had any issues YET but have a large lithium battery in there so fear of turning my camper into a massive Roman candle has required some carefull planning.




    Could you describe the “riser”.  I can’t picture it in my mind.  From where to where.




    The picture is of the gap between the galley and R/H side of camper. It’s probably not even necessary, just a precaution.



    here is a 3D cross section to help illustrate psgramps idea

    CLC Electrical Riser


    Thanks Adam,

    Thats very well done, way better picture.

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