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    Could someone tell me the “counter height” (galley flat height from the ground) on a completed trailer. Please make sure to include if your trailer has 9inch or 12 inch wheels.

    Thanks. Dana


    I went with the 8″ wheels on the trailex trailer for just this reason, galley flat height, as well as the “door sill height”.  The CLC demo unit has the 12″ wheels and I found that the galley flat height was just a tad too high.  Also, sitting in the door, my feet were a couple of inches off the ground.  It’s a preference thing though, others may like the higher ride height.  The trailer tows just fine with either wheel size, so that issue is a wash.


    I went with a trailer that puts the wheels outside of the trailer width in hopes that I can customize the ride height to get this right. I am using the NT 5×8 aluminum trailer. I may move the axle on top of the springs to get the height down. I’ll keep you all posted.


    The height of the galley flat is 42″ with 12″ wheels on the Trailex trailer. The height would be 40″ with the 8″ wheels. I’m tall, so the larger wheels work best for me.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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