Success with spray adhesive for headliner installation

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    actually what was successful was a test.  i researched the various 3M spray adhesives and chose 3M 77 spray adhesive (maroon can).

    I used one panel, and followed the directions on the can to spray on the headliner material, let it cure for about a minute (still tacky but the adhesive doesn’t adhere to your finger–it just feels tacky).  the directions also refer to two-surface bonding, but I went with just a single surface.

    I used the underside of the galley hatch as a test bed.  I had applied one coat of epoxy to it, but it’s not sanded so it’s a bit rough, similar to what the inside of the cabin will be (I don’t plan to do much sanding before I give the interior a single coat of epoxy).

    I then inverted the hatch cover on a pair of sawhorses and left it to sit overnight.

    this morning, the panel was still firmly attached.  I could remove it without destruction (save for two spots the size of a pencil eraser that stayed behind on the hatch cover).

    if I were to reattach it, I probably would give another light coating of spray.

    when I do this for real, I plan to cover about 50% of the surface of each headliner panel (the edges and some random places in the center).  based on the strength of the test piece, 50% coverage should be sufficient.

    if one were to sand the interior smooth before epoxying, I would imagine even less spray adhesive would be required due to better adhesion to a totally smooth surface.

    when I run my wiring I will make sure to route the wires where they will land in the center of the panels rather than the edges.




    Ken,  great solution.  Thanks for the diligence on attaching the headliner.  We will keep this in mind!

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