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    I’m looking for electrical recommendations.

    I’d like to be able to run my system primarily off grid, but have the ability to plug in to charge in addition to solar charging.  I plan on a 100ah lithium battery, and already have a number of spare solar panels…that’s the easy part.

    where it gets trickier is finding a charger that will take both solar or shore inputs.

    I could use an all in one like the goal zero generators, as they have everything, but only the larger systems have dual charging inputs.  Systems like the Jackery also have some limitations that I’d like to avoid.

    has anyone else found a good dual input charger for lithium batteries?


    I used an AIMS power supply with a 100 Ah lifepo4 battery. I also have a small folding 3 panel solar array and charger (Amazon) that connect to the power supply. It all works fine but I rarely use the solar panels.


    Your charging inputs should go directly to battery.  One set +/- from solar charge controller, the second from a trickle charger or 120v AC to DC converter.  Your first + output from battery might be the main fuse, then a battery disconnect switch.

    I have a galvanized steel trailer that will be the ground.  I put a 4 guage ground from battery close to a battery box up front.  Then another grounding block (to a separate frame ground) for all the 12v things.  One 4 guage positive runs rearward for pwr to a fuse block, and a 1200W inverter.  I am going to use shore power to charge the battery, and with a split cable also run a little AC dometic freezer in the car.  On the road, the same freezer will tap off the inverter.

    If this sounds feasable, I can draw up a diagram, then photos later.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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