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    Hi all! First time here and I am excited to find such an active community. I am a recent college grad and I am very interested in this project, but I have no serious woodworking skills so I am a bit hesitant to undertake it. I’m wondering if anyone else in the same boat as me has successfully started or completed this project and could tell me about their experience.

    I also am wondering if anyone has a kit that they have partially completed or fully completed that they are looking to part with. Perhaps I could purchase it off of you to make this project a little less overwhelming.

    Thanks in advance for any help sent my way!


    Hi aregehr, welcome to the community!

    I have absolutely no woodworking skills, even after structurally completing three CLC projects including the teardrop camper. I say structurally because none has crossed the finish line so far, means painting and outfitting are yet to be done. You can see my efforts on Instagram: @jmb_builds.

    I think there’s no need for serious woodworking skills as long as you can be patient when actually working on the wood. I can’t, that’s why I made many of the stupid possible mistakes. Working on the wood means using a rasp for trimming parts before installation. Or sanding the whole thing. There are some parts that should have their edges rounded off, which can be done with a router, or with coarse sandpaper and patience. Patience is key.

    Studying the manual over and over again helps building confidence. The forum is great help, and when there are some uncertainties, mailing or calling CLC helps a lot.

    BR, Johannes


    Ive finished both the Teardrop and the Under Carriage Cargo (UCC) box.  The Manual is one of the best, detailed, I’ve seen from CLC — combined with reading the Lessons Learned on this forum.  some thoughts:

    – Make sure you spend time getting the panels stitched into the mold with no gaps on the seams, corners come together, etc.  This will make sure there is no twist in your shell.

    – Watch ALL the videos on CLC website (epoxy techniques, stitching, glueing, varnishing, etc.)…. they are invaluable.

    Buy extra epoxy (resin and hardener), fiberglass in case you want to enforce the sides (around the doors) or galley lid better…

    As mentioned, take your time……. don’t hurry the project.  sometimes I read a single step in the manual 4 times before i “got it”…  read ahead too.  You might want to do a couple of steps later or earlier to make it easier and stronger…. I’ve learned this by reading ideas here on the forum.

    GOOD LUCK — YOU CAN DO IT!!  Take your time…..


    One last comment….. You can order the manual PDF or hard copy separately from the kit.  When I was about to commit in buying the kit…… I did this……. gave me some insight on what the project involved.  It’s not difficult, just, a lot of expoxing, sanding, sanding, sanding….. did I say sanding?

    Good Luck — YOU GOT THIS!!


    If you are interested in buying a competed CLC camper kit contact me at She’s a beauty!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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