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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I have this dream of making a living purchasing the kits, building them, and then selling them. Has anyone worked the numbers on this to see if it’s feasible on any level, and make money and still survive? I see CLC sells them for 15K which includes the trailer. Here are my thoughts…The kit new shipped to where I live when it’s not on sale runs about $2,800.</p>
    Maybe I could sell the kit without the trailer for 10k?  Or I could even plop it on a HF trailer for the same price.

    Looks like it takes the average person about 250 hours to complete one?  I’ll say 300 for the sake of argument.

    It would take approximately 38 days to build a trailer.  Over the course of the year maybe a guy working on his own could build and sell 8 trailers? Of course this is assuming that people actually want them.

    Again I know my numbers are very rough but $10k (selling price) – $3k (cost of teardrop kit and inexpensive trailer) = $7k.  $7k x 8 trailers = $56k a year.  Not bad and I could survive and assume even another $10,000 in expenses I’m not working into this formula.

    The one thing I think about is how a person would go about selling these. You could just throw up an ad on Craigslist and act like you’re selling a trailer you bought. Or if you went all out and created a website and made it a point to tell people these were built to order, etc that’s another way to go about it. However the second way I’m wondering might invite a whole mess of other headaches. Of course getting a business license, etc paying taxes would be required and that part is fine but I don’t know what the laws would say about OSHA getting involved because someone is using power tools to make something and Lord knows none of our work spaces would pass any OSHA law, lol.

    Anyway it was just a thought and a dream and I welcome any thoughts.



    I think you missed many expenses if you are selling a completed teardrop, like varnish, sand paper, electrical…….

    Requirements vary by state. In Washington you need a sticker from labor and industry to manufacture for resell. Not difficult nor expense here.

    Tom B Texas

    I think it is a great idea but not to rely on for your living. For the record, I have spent about $4K so far… Kit, Northern Tool Trailer, Roof Rack, Skylight, a few tools and additional epoxy. I am guessing I am about 150 hours… maybe cash raising “hobby” in retirement? A couple boats too??? I think $12K is more appropriate price.


    Thanks guys for your thoughts….and you are right I did leave out a bunch of extra expenses.

    rovineye, when you say  “Not difficult nor expense here.” Can you elaborate on that a bit? Do you mean it’s not too difficult or expensive doing it in Washington State? As far as the sticker from Labor & Industries, is that just something you apply for and they give you or the do they have to inspect your shop or?



    What I remember from when I talked to L&I, it wasn’t so much about the shop as the trailer. You submit a plan (which would be part of the CLC hymnal), and electrical details. They said there wouldn’t be much to inspect or review since they are mostly concerned with propane and plumbing.  They might want you to install a smoke detector; I just can’t remember the specifics of NFPA 70, which is the guide they use.

    If you are in Washington, give the local L&I office a call. They are easy to talk with.

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