Rooftop AC?

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    Has anyone tried a small rooftop AC on their teardrop? Was considering this one but concerned 70lbs might be too heavy.


    People put more than that weight on their roofs when they load their roof racks with 2 kayaks… Although the racks attach where there are three layers of FG, the rack mounts are only a few square inches each.  So it should be OK, as long as your bezel is well glassed – it should distribute the load adequately.  If your build isn’t completed I’d add another layer of FG on the bezel and 3-4″ onto the roof, and maybe another layer under the bezel.  I’ve never had anything fail that I over-built!



    That unit is quite large for what you would need for a camper this size – about 4-5x, maybe even more. It’s going to short cycle, which isn’t good for the compressor.

    I haven’t found an A/C unit suitable for something as small as a teardrop; I wouldn’t want to spend $1k or more and install a unit only to find that it’s not sized properly. On the high end, you want something with about 2800 BTU based on 80 BTU/sf, and because a teardrop isn’t very tall inside, I expect you would want something closer to 2000 BTU.


    I have been considering the Zero Breeze Mark 2 portable AC unit. To early in my build to give it much thought.


    Paul B

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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