Replacing a Vent Hatch

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    I need to replace my CLC purchased vent hatch due to a fan motor that died. Before I purchase a replacement I was curious if anyone had any insight on just how strong the bond is between the marine sealant used and the camper shell. I do not wish to damage the shell while ‘prying’ off the old vent and fan housing. Any thoughts/suggestions?


    Many thanks!!


    I think that largely depends on which specific marine sealant you used. For instance, if it was 3M 5200, which is meant for permanent bonds, then that’s going to be orders of magnitude more difficult than just about anything else out there. 3M 4200 claims to be for parts that ‘might’ need to be replaced. I’m not as familiar with Boat Life sealants, but imagine they offer a comparable level of strength.

    Regardless of which sealant you used, I wouldn’t recommend trying to pry it off directly. Instead, start by using a long thin sharp blade to slowly and carefully cut the sealant between the fan housing and the shell. And then try removing it with gentle prying and us.

    But with all that said. Is it really necessary to remove the whole assembly? Is it not possible to get a replacement motor? Please don’t hold me to it, but I think this might be the right part. It says it is meant for model “FV801250” which I believe is the model number of the CLC provided fan. I’m willing to bet the guys at etrailer could verify it very quickly for you, their customer service is great in my experience. Perhaps that might be a preferable solution?

    Hope this helps.

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    I would contact the manufacturer (Fan-tastic Fans, now called, I think, by the name of the parent company, Dometic).  I had to contact them to find out about the fan that was installed in a sprinter van my son bought that was without a manual or remote control, and they were very helpful.




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