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    Brad Wungluck

    Good Morning All-

    I’ve searched the forum and haven’t found this anywhere so I’m hoping someone can provide some answers… I just took the mold off of the tear drop (exciting stuff) and I’m getting ready to fiberglass the exterior. However, when I took off the mold I noticed that the galley lid does not currently line up well with the trailer (pictures attached). I know it’s early on but I wanted to check to see if anyone had a similar situation and does it resolve itself as you cut the lid from the trailer, mount it with the hinges and weatherstrip molding, or if I have a problem on my hands and somehow need to address it now before I move forward. Any information or opinions would be appreciated! 2813





    You are going to cover it with glass and epoxy.  Once that cures you are going to cut along that seem so the edge between hatch and and side will be very close.  Well, the width of your saw blade.  Ours has a slight gap but inside you have the drip edge and the weather gasket so any water does not end up in the galley, it just runs out.  I would take a picture of mine to show you but its -2F and covered in snow (under tarps and such).


    My opinion is that it would be best to address this now before you fiberglass. Bring panels back together by wiring, packing tape or hand and temporarily glue with CA glue. Panels will still have some flex at this stage.

    If using packing tape take care with removal so as not to pull grain.

    In my experience it is a good general rule of thumb to fix mistakes as they appear – otherwise they tend to compound as you progress.

    Brad Wungluck

    Thank you both for your advice! I’ll try the CA glue and get it back together!

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