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    Since completing my teardrop, I’ve put over 5000 miles on it, and one of the areas of issue is that the galley walls are showing signs of wear due to contents shifting and rubbing the galley walls during our travels.  What solutions have you used to limit this type of wear?

    Tom B Texas

    I have only travelled about 500 miles. I chose not to fasten my galley for a couple reasons, primarily “rub wear” you describe but also for ease of cleaning. I place it insde the terdrop where rides comfortably. Only 1 wire to connect for USB Plug. Battery is mounted in CLC Storage box up front. Cheers!


    I installed some floor mat on the galley counter to provide some padding.

    I then installed 3 d-rings on the galley counter, one on each side and one in the middle. When on the road, I use a bungee cord on one side to hold my cutting board in place and another on the other side to hold my stove in place.

    I have the galley module and that holds most of the small stuff. I still need to install some elastic straps to the front of some of the pockets to keep the occasional spice from hopping out and rolling around.



    For the rub wear between the galley and bulkhead, I lined the edges of the galley with weather stripping.  The added benefit is it will limit any spills to just one area and prevent anything from dripping down into the lower section.  My main wear issue is that the pots in the larger storage bin do shift around in transport, and the edges are wearing the side walls of the galley.


    I put together a solution over the weekend, for the bottom of the galley sections, I purchased some closed cell foam, similar to that used for the headliner, from McMaster-Carr.  On the galley sides, since I bought a spool of trim-lock weather stripping for the door seal, and had plenty left over, I cut several pieces and installed it on the sides, providing some cushioning and protection for both the galley and contents.

    galley padding


    Some toggle latch clamps worked for us. You can easily access them and they are almost hidden.

    toggle latch clamps


    I haven’t even used my camper yet and already there were scratches from moving things around in the galley so here’s what I used to prevent that. It’s some leftover laminate flooring that I cut to fit this side of the galley. The left side has some electrical that’s ‘locked down’ and I didn’t want to change that set up. Anyway, this will keep the floor in better shape for a while.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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