Propane for the galley stove

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    We are installing a 10lb propane tank on the front of the trailer next to the storage box in the front of the trailer. We are running a gas line thru the center compartment in the ICC and then coming up thru the camper body along the transom, around the underside of the galley, coming up into the galley space next to the galley insert. Total run of about 20 feet. We found a company in Texas who could do the hose for us with a SS net sheath ( to keep various rodents at bay) in a larger diameter hose (to reduce pressure drop over that length). If you are looking for help in setting up a propane system they seemed to know what they were talking about, hose came promptly and looks good.  a division of  Tejas Smokers in Houston Texas. I was helped by Jesus.

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