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    I’ll be building my TD on a Harbor Freight 4×8 trailer. I plan to shorten the back of the trailer a bit, to basically match the footprint of the TD. Also, this will help with axle being relatively further back.

    Rather than just plain bunks,. I want to use the space between trailer frame and TD for storage (drawers and doored hatches). I don’t want to go as tall as the ICC and want to build my own. I’ve seen quite a few finished pics. Anyone got drawings of what they built, and whether you liked it or not?

    Tips on framing, hardware, sealing? Tips on attaching TD to trailer through the storage? I’d love to see pics of your design.

    Thanks in advance for your ideas.

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    That is exactly what I did.

    The CLC cargo carrier is 9” tall, too tall for my likings, so I built a cargo box of 6” height.  It offers plenty of storage space without the uncomfortable height of the kitchen galley.

    The box is made of 3/4” cabinet grade plywood, with epoxy fillets on all joints, finished with three layers of epoxy for waterproofing. The underside got a layer of fiberglass cloth for reinforcement, although I think that was overkill.

    All hardware is marine stainless. The front compartment (larger) has access from both sides, without any dividers. Makes for good storage of camping chairs and table.

    Middle compartment, above axle, between wheels, ends up sealed once the camper is put in place. I am using it for a water tank, so I can have hot showers off the grid.

    Rear compartment, with access from the rear, is used for the water pump and shower connection, and majority of it is used for all the kitchen gear, since it seats under the galley it gives easy access to all that.

    I still have trouble with water intake on rainy highway trips, so that is work in progress.

    To attach it, I just used 10” carriage bolts from camper floor, through storage box, through trailer frame.



    Thanks, Daniel, that’s exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for.  How do you access the water tank in the central compartment over the axle?  Where do you tend to take in water? Did you use epoxy fillets to attach the TD to the open top of the storage compartment? Looks like yours matches the footprint of the TD.


    Twice now I replied to this thread, but it does not show 🙁 perhaps the third time is a charm.


    Water intake is on the side.

    Water outlet (shower) is in the corner under the mushroom vent, with a 12v pressure activated pump behind it.

    I used silicone caulk to seal the camper on the box, because it can be easily taken apart if need be.

    Once the camper is placed on the storage box, the water tank becomes sealed, no access to it.



    If you are, or find yourself in NW Pennsylvania, you are welcome to stop by and look at it.


    Thanks, Daniel. We are a long way from PA. We’re in Idaho. Hopefully, will get to see more of the Country once our build is done. I appreciate your good ideas. I like your height of 6″ vs 9″ on the kit.


    Any more designs out there, folks, for DIY Cargo space between trailer and TD?

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