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    I was thinking about functional space and since I’m the only one who really cooks or uses the galley – I was wondering if anyone has moved it back. It just seems like a HUGE amount of space and when I was planning to design my own teardrop I decided I only needed about 18″ for a galley. I will put in a pull-out or lock-on table to give me some functional space to prep and probably cook in a different location. We are a Biolite family and I would not be comfortable cooking under the galley hatch with a Biolite stove.

    I realize I would need to leave in some form of cross-bar for the structural support it provides as well as cut down and trim the vertical part, but I wanted to get other’s feedback who have completed their builds to see if they had any dire warnings. 🙂




    It would certainly be possible to change this but would require a lot of modifications.

    1. Bulkhead would have to change its shape entirely, possibly requiring a new piece.
    2. the cutout for the galley hatch opening would change
    3. the hatch gutter pieces would need to be modified
    4. you may need different length gas springs to accommodate a shorter hatch
    5. the shelf and its fiddle rail would need to be cut shorter

    I too thought the galley space was larger than I needed, that is why I opted to use part of the galley space for cabinets which are accessed through the bulkhead. The cabinets didn’t require much modification to the base construction, and I believe they were an invaluable addition.

    Left and Right boxes are the cabinets, the center is for the electrical.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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