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    So far, things are going well.  Outer shell nearly finished, just waiting for epoxy to cure, and bottom ready to go on.


    As I’ve been working I’ve been keeping up with the forums and really enjoyed the progress of folks ahead of me and wanted to share some.of.the mistakes Ive made…or rather, some of the foibles I’ve come across, and you may too…


    Working with power tools you may get a nick or cut, and may bleed on the wood.  That will be a mark you can look at later.

    The epoxy bottles may drip a bit after pumping out.  Waiting for the last little drip may waste time…forget about it…let it go…

    If you epoxy at a weird angle you may get some in your hair…this will NOT come out…I’ve learned to wear a hat…when I remember.

    If you epoxy outside…in the spring…you will get tree flotsam and bugs stuck in the goo.

    A puddle of epoxy on the garage floor will forever scare you away from stepping in it…no matter how many weeks… Because it will always look wet.

    Gosh darn the thing gets heavier with epoxy…or are my arms getting more tired?

    Yep, wear gloves no matter how little you think you will touch the epoxy, because you will inevitably get some on your finger and swipe your hair from your face…see above…

    Now that I’ve moved it outside it’s hard to mow around it without getting grass on it.  Make sure the epoxy isn’t wet when this happens.

    And…new lessons learned every day.

    Any more to add?

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