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    I just installed the doors and galley cover. I left my teardrop out in the rain yesterday. The sleep cabin was dry but there was water in the galley compartment. Have others had this issue? If so, how did you fix it? Thanks.


    After I saw a leak into the galley from my first hose test, I repeated the test with a painter’s tarp laid across the galley. After  a few minutes of another hose testing and waiting for all water to drain, I opened it up and saw which part of the tarp got wet. I added a bit of gasket material to that area of the galley lid and that solved it.






    was the leak in the area of the top corners of the hatch?  I think that is where mine is leaking



    No, leak was at the lower end of the side seal.


    I’m having a leak issue too from the galley lid.  I added more gasket all the way around, which may have just made the situation worse.  I added some in the corners, where it appears the leak is coming from.

    Has anyone made a design change with the gasket?  I’m thinking of getting a gasket similar to the gasket on the galley bottom, a “D” shape.  Perhaps they can mate a little better.


    Long-ez Lew 666

    I just did an overnight rain test (1 inch of rain) in my driveway. 1 gallon of water found in galley! Leaking all along the top edge seals, and down the forward galley wall. Ripped out all of the galley weatherstripping, and will try again with the plans solution. The black metal/rubber seal did not go around the curves well at all, and the seal was rolled inward and downward in those areas. I had already added additional foam to galley to try to compensate for this, thinking that might help for where the black metal/rubber seal was not standing proud, but to no avail.

    Perhaps the galley needs a bilge pump?

    Also, 1 tablespoon leaked (tiny drip-drip-drip) from somewhere around the fan hatch onto the mattress. All possible gaps on fan hatch already siliconed, but somewhere is a pinhole. More silicone will probably get this eventually.

    The only good news here is that with 1/2 inch of standing water overnight in the galley, nothing dripped down into the bedroom.

    Guess I will be dry-camping, weatherwise, until fixed.

    Does anyone have a better solution proven than the stock plans approach?



    Have not purchased my kit yet but I am concern that so many people seem to be having galley leaks?  I’m hoping CLC will chime in here soon…


    I’ll ask the obvious questions …

    Did you apply the peel-and-stick gasket around the perimeter?  (Page 305 of the hymnal.)  I’m almost at this step myself.  On the bottom photo, it appears they took great care around the corners, and applied a continuous seal, rather than cutting it into sections.  This gasket begins/stops at the bottom of the hatch.

    CLC TDC Port hatch gasketCLC TDC Starboard Hatch Gasket

    Did you apply sufficient sealant into the gasket?  (Page 306.)  Based on this thread, I plan on double checking that there are no gaps in sealant especially in the corners.

    Did you apply sealant to the gas spring brack?  (Page 310.)   I plan on being liberal under the washer, along the screw, and under the bracket and nut.

    Chris in Annapolis

    P.S.  I can run over to CLC to snap a shot of most angle, if needed.  Serial #001 has been sold, but they still have 2 for viewing at CLC.


    Monday, I noticed that Joey’s teardrop at CLC had some water (well – ice) in the galley as well…  And he’s built these before!


    Ralph (rsbrownmd), what foam gasket did you end up switching to?


    I to have leaks in the galley. Took off the original gaskets sealed with adhesive sealer, applied the new. Still leaks. Very hard to clean up and to apply plus I have spent an additional $75.00 in gadgets that don’t work. They cannot sucesfully make the bend around the corners. Tapping the gadget in with a small hammer gets it on but splays the metal part out so much that it is ineffective. Read the other posts seems fairly universal. Sump pump is the answer.


    Sorry Chris–I missed your previous question about what weather stripping I used. I got it through Amazon. 1/2″ X 1/2″ X 13′. It’s made by Magzo. In response tal, after I put the gasket on I applied silicone caulk on both the inside and outside edge of the gasket. Rather than going all the way around the galley lid with the weather stripping –in my first try going all the way around, the weather stripping would not stay put around the upper corners–I first cut a piece for just the top of the galley. I then cut two more pieces for the sides and butted the pieces at the corners. Galley is staying dry.


    We finally finished our build… Unfortunately, no rain in the forecast to test with, just snow.

    Snowy teardrop

    But we power washed it at the end of the trip, and no leaks!

    Power wash


    Mine leaked underneath the gutter gasket not enough sealant in the gasket.

    Crossing Rebecca

    I think the problem I am having is leaks through the roof fan.  We just applied extra calk all around, which did not fix the problem.  I’m about to try calking on top of all of the bolts/screws.

    The water is leaking in around the sides of this and then running down the cracks in the foam insulation, so that it shows up below the mattress, and I didn’t realize that it was leaking through the roof.

    I’m also having trouble with water leaking into the lower storage compartments.  Still don’t know how it’s getting in there.

    I’m impressed with all you people who had the sense to test for leakage while the camper was still in your driveway.

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