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    I have been lurking on teardrop trailer forums for a couple of years now.  Not really knowing what to build or what style or which plans to choose from.

    I was lucky enough to run across Fritz’s build journal on a different teardrop forum which led me here.  I instantly felt in love with the Chesapeake trailer kit and that’s what I plan to build.

    My fiance and I are planning to get married about a year from now (September 2019) which I believe will give me enough time to finish this project.  She currently lives in Canada and we are not able to see each other as much as we like so hiding the project from her is not going to be an issue at all….at least for now.  I’m terrible at keeping a secret so that’s the only thing that will ruin the surprise. My big mouth haha. I plan on giving this trailer to her (us) on our wedding day as a surprise.

    Kind of a cool story about how and where I’m building this. I live in a quaint little cabin that is very small and has room for only one person. I have no garage, no space to build this at all.  Before I could commit to this project I knew that I needed a place to build the darn thing.  I decided to knock on some neighbors doors because I kind of  live out in the country and I thought maybe someone might have some barn or garage space they could rent me.  Lucky me! The first door I knocked on was just a little bit down the road and Bill was more than happy to rent me a huge space for $100 a month.  I can be there as long as I need to be and he has shown great interest in my project himself. It’s secure, has lighting and I even have water available.

    So….my next hurdle to overcome was the trailer issue. I even started a thread about it.  I wished so badly I could afford the trailer that Chesapeake offers or even a Northern Tool trailer but I’m trying to save some bucks here and there and the cost of the trailer would make or break the ability of building the thing in the first place.

    Found my trailer last weekend! It is a used Harbor Freight (everyone’s favorite, lol) 4′ x 8′ foot trailer and I bought it for $200.  It has a spare tire which is nice.  I’m attaching some pictures of it. He had some plywood on the top and painted it white and had some weird extensions for the lights because he carried kayaks or something. Today I removed all of the crap and I was a little worried because of some rust underneath but after some light sanding it seemed to come off fairly easily.  I’ll have to repack the wheel bearings, repaint the frame, buy some new wiring…I hope this still ends up as being an okay deal because it’s looking like I’m going to be putting some work into it.  But Chesapeake is supposed to put their trailer kit on sale any day now and apparently it’s supposed to be on sale until the end of October so I do have some time.  I’m trying to budget and get the rest of my money saved up so I can pull the trigger before the sale is over. In the meantime I’ll work on getting the trailer ready as much as I can.

    I’m sure I will learn a lot once I get the “bible/manual” but one question I had was regarding painting.  I’ve seen a few folks paint the the the bottom few inches a certain color (along with the underside itself) and I would like to do the same and have it match the paint I put on the trailer.  I’m assuming spray paint is what I would use on the trailer but I’m trying to figure out how to match the color to what I would paint with a brush on the bottom of the trailer?  Probably too early to worry about that but I will be painting the trailer before the kit even arrives probably so it’s something I have to figure out soon.

    Another question comes to mind…it’s obvious that he built the trailer in the folding mode option and I don’t believe any teardrop plans are recommended on putting a trailer on it in that configuration.  I need to figure out how to reassemble it in the non-folding configuration.

    At any rate welcome to the beginning of my build!




    I attached the pictures in the initial post but not sure why they  didn’t show…




    Should I completely take apart the frame of the Harbor Freight trailer to repaint it? I’m assuming the answer is yes because I want to get fresh paint and all of the screw holes to prevent rusting, etc. ???



    You can. On, the folding part you just add a couple of bolts to help hold it together. To fold the trailer you have to remove some bolts.

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