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    Hey all TearDroppers,

    I have just joined this forum, and I think a bit of an introduction is good.

    I have drooled for a teardrop camper for years now, and always planned to buy the classic tin can version, but as you all know, those prices are not for every budget (certainly not for mine).

    So, this spring (2020), Idecided to look for some plans to build my own, and I have stumbled upon the CLC website. In March, as pandemic shutdowns begun, I purchase the kit, and in April I started the build process.

    Boy, I wish Ihave looked on this forum before building my camper !!!

    Due to two other major house projects, the camper build took me all summer, but now is finaly ready.

    In a short version, my camper sits on a boat trailer (to have space for bikes and kayaks), it has a custom built cargo carrier (it contains cargo space, and water plumbing), it has a custom made galley furniture, and for entertainment I put a TV in it.

    Just in case it matters to anyone, I am from western PA.

    I plan to figure out how to post images, and videos, so I can show details of it.


    I’m looking forward to your pictures!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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