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    Howdy from Texas….has anyone used Velcro to attach the panels?

    I have seen the magnet setup…velcro just seams easier?





    Hi Mike –

    I have used velcro to attach my headliner (although to be fair, I tried to use a different material – cork flooring underlayment – as it was cheaper). I have had issues with the entire process. The Velcro has come off the camper walls, places, and all off the cork (this is my biggest issue). This happened this summer when it was warm (35C) and the trailer was in storage. We will see what else happens to it at -40C this winter.

    I am not sure how the velcro would stick to the CLC headliner, but that would be my biggest concern… Up to this point, I think it stuck to the trailer walls fairly well.

    Best of luck,



    For my first attempt with insulation, I tried sticky back velcro on CLC’s panels with limited success. It generally stuck to the inside of the camper better than the the backs of the panels and (upper) pieces would come loose or even fall completely. I also tried magnets, which worked well IF I could get them to stay in place but that didn’t always work. Part of the problem was the fabric I chose to cover the CLC foam with. It was a bit stiff, hard to stick to the panels and wrinkled or bubbled a lot.

    I ended up redoing the entire job, reusing some of the CLC pieces and also buying some 1/2 inch foam with adhesive on one side for others. I also used auto headliner to cover the pieces which worked much better. A benefit of using it is that velcro sticks to the headliner fabric. So if you wrap the headliner around the foam (and attach it well), you can use velcro around the edges of the pieces to stick them to the camper.

    The new pieces are held in place mostly with velcro, a few strategically placed magnets and friction between pieces. Here is how it turned out, much better than before.


    Jumping in here to agree with the others. I tried Velcro, I tried mounting tape, I tried command strips. After a year of redoing it nearly every trip, I just went ahead with some hardcore adhesive. When a panel needs to be replaced eventually it will be a challenge, but I couldn’t stand my panels falling down anymore.


    What is the best adhesive found so far? I did read something about 3M 77 , but another said 3M 80 was superior…


    I tried 3M 77, 3M 90 and Gorilla brand and felt like 90 stuck the best. The other two seemed about equal. What will make as much or more of a difference in your results might be the technique and what fabric you cover the insulation with. For example, when both parts were sprayed, they stuck better than when only one part was. Also, the car headliner material stuck much better than a heavier outdoor fabric I tried first. Good luck. This was one of the more difficult things to get ‘right’ but will be worth it if every time you’re inside your camper you’ll see nicer results.


    Thank you,

    I will make sure I use 3M 90

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