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    I am working through the ICC instructions and ran into a snap (actually a few).

    I was sent 5 rolls (between the Teardrop and ICC) of this weatherstripping.

    Initially it seemed like it was too think, but I pushed forward since it was all that was shippped.

    As I installed the doors it was nearly impossible to get the doors flush with the ICC, since it was so think, even when compressed.

    As I looked at the manual more closely, it looks like the stripping used in the photos is MUCH thinner, like 1/4″ (mine is the 7/16″ shown).  Manual does not state the size.

    Does anyone know if I was sent the wrong stuff? What thickness is this supposed to me.

    …. and I won’t speak of the dozens of bolts and washers that are not included in my package.  Beyond frustrating.

    Thanks for any insight.

    Here is the door that is almost impossible to close.


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    I just finished my ICC tonight and this is the gasket I used. The stuff CLC included did not fit even if trimmed. 


    Here’s the finished product. So glad I started with the ICC to practice on!


    @kimf – That decal looks really sick. Where did you get it?

    For the rest of the thread, I had the same problem. I remember talking to CLC when I was building it a year and a half ago and they assured me the weather stripping was the right size and would pack down. It definitely has but not enough. The doors and hatch still push out just a little… enough for water to push in when driving in at highway speed in the rain (I just got back from camping and everything is soaked). @kimf, let me know if the small weather stripping does the job long term.




    @metric_pinecone the seal was installed in Aug and I haven’t had any issues yet, however I have red driven it in the rain yet. The decal came from an Etsy shop: https://etsy.me/375Dygw
    Im using it on the inside of the hatch too to hide some light that is shining in through the puzzle joint. Varnishing the camper today!!! I see a light 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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