Hinges, Doors and Hatch

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    I’m looking to epoxying a bushing into the wooden hinges and then using a bolt vs using the heat-shrink any recommendations on the hardware.

    My first post. I’m building in my garage on the West end of Galveston Island, Tx.


    You may have already made a decision so this may help with other things that come up. This forum used to be much more active and was very helpful to me when building my camper (about two years ago). I even posted many ideas during my build. Lately however, there have been far fewer posts or questions and very few followers it seems. The search function no longer seems to work so to find a topic you would have to scroll through post titles for something that might be relevant. If you happen to be on Facebook, the CLC group there is more active and could help with your build going forward.

    As for your particular question, I went with stainless clevis pins and cotter pins for the doors and hatch using the ‘drill and fill’ technique. My doors open with no ‘play’ in them so I would absolutely recommend doing something similar.


    I used oil lite bushing I got on amazon.  I assembled them so they contacted each

    other so the wood didn’t rub.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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