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    I notice from the photos you do not have holes for the front mushroom vents.  Did you not install, or just not cut holes into the headliner yet?  Curious because I must figure this out later.




    I haven’t installed the Mushrooms.  I am just not in the mood to cut more holes into the project.  I am waiting to see what ventilation needs are required before.  So, going on a trip or two first.  I am first going to make a screened cover for the door(s) like the one posted on the forum.  I will use velcro instead of the snaps i think.



    Has anyone actually tried a temporary mounting of the headliner yet? That removable tape looks interesting.

    We just did our final inside epoxy job tonight and will be moving on to varnish this week and then the headliner. We have a test run trip coming up next month but I won’t have the electrical done so I want to be able to remove the headliner panels to neatly run wires. But I don’t want the headliner falling on our heads in the middle of the night in a rain storm!

    Not mention our initial accuracy on things is not always great so being able to dry run them and adjust will be a huge benefit!



    there was quite a thread on this a couple of months ago.  at the time I decided to do some testing.  I still haven’t gotten around to installing the headliner yet, but I will do so later this week.

    after some research, I bought a spray can of Scotch Super 77 adhesive (maroon can).  at the time I hadn’t yet sanded/varnished the inside, although I had done so on the inside of the galley hatch on the workbench.  I sprayed a light coating of the 77 on a piece of rubber floor mat, made of the identical material (pkg of 8 2×2 interlocking panels $10 at Costco).  I let the spray dry until tacky. but not wet, as directed.  I pressed it onto the inside of the hatch, inverted it, and left it overnight.

    the panel remained attached, and when I removed it, it came off cleanly, as it surely would not have with contact cement, or even perhaps carpet tape.

    I bought it at Michael’s with one of their weekly “40% off one item” coupons.  the can says it will cover 200 sq ft.




    I’m not at this stage in construction yet, but here is my plan i’m considering for a removable headliner using magnets.

    I will be cutting the panels from 3/4″ Closed Cell Neoprene foam. Inside the 3/4″ foam will be embedded steel wire to conform the shape of the headliner pieces to to the curve of the camper shell.  Neodymium disc magnets will be embedded and glued in the foam around the border edges (size of magnets and their spacing will be calculated based on the final weight of each panel.)

    The 3/4″ foam will be wrapped in a Flat Knit Automotive Headliner. An additional layer of 1/8″ foam backing cut 1/2″ under the outer dimensions of the 3/4″ foam panel will be glued to the thicker panel. This extra foam ensures no air gap caused by the wrapped headliner.

    Finally on the inside of the camper shell I will permanently attach 1″ wide 24 gauge galvanized steel straps along all of the panel seams for the magnets to stick to.

    Custom Removable Headliner Construction

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