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    does the headliner extend all the way down the inside walls to the floor?  is there also headliner on the side walls and transom in the footwell?

    I ask because my fiberglass taping quality on the inside isn’t the greatest, and if the headliner will cover the entirety of the walls, as well as inside the footwell, it will minimize the work I need to do.





    It does not cover the footwell. Can’t really see down there, except for folks just checking the thing out. Up front, it goes all the way down and same on sides fwd of the bulkhead. Those first taping jobs of mine are just terrible, but gratefully won’t be seen. I will still coat all of inside with epoxy and varnish just to keep it watertight.


    I used the same foam flooring product for the entire bed area to also cover the transom/footwell.  I purchased two packet of the foam flooring at Costco for about $9 each pack.  Stuff gives some grip and added insulation and padding.  I then covered the walls with the CLC foam.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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