Hack for restoring the bend in the doors

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    I was not having much luck trying to bend and hold the doors back into position while my wife drove in screws through the CLC-supplied webbing.  I tried a tie-down ratchet, but the adjustments were too coarse.  Then I remembered an old pair or NRS tie-down straps and flung one around the door.  A few pulls on the loose end hanging from the buckle and the door was in its restored shape.  But this tension was only temporarily holding the shape until the black strap could be reattached.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have that buckle in place to do fine adjustments over time, I wondered.  So I swapped out the CLC webbing for NRS straps.  I wasn’t ready to part with my 15′ straps, but REI had a 9′ pair for 20 bucks.  Kayakers and canoeists are probably familiar with NRS straps.  The cam buckle has two stainless steel springs, and the non-stretch polypropylene webbing is treated for UV protection.  Perfect.  Very easy to adjust.


    Is this a permanent install now?

    I’ve seen this issue brought up repeatedly. I’m going to add a couple layers of fiberglass cloth and epoxy on the inside before I cut the doors, hopefully that will help them hold their shape.


    Thanks so much for this… I’m just beginning my build and appreciate the notice you provided and insights Re solution…




    Yes, I’m planning on keeping the adjustable NRS strap as a permanent installation.  You never know when the door will need to be tweaked.  “Permanent” is not to be understood in an absolute sense.  If I find a better idea, the strap is easily removed.  Now, a couple layers of fiberglass and epoxy sounds much more permanent.  Please post your results.  A lot of builders will be interested to see how that solution works.


    Best of luck with your build!


    I’m having some trouble on the bend in the doors.  Could be the changes in temp (I live in Minnesota)…

    My door fits just fine, but it is really warped.  The strap that CLC supplied works, but there is still a bend on the other side of the door.  Any suggestions?  Currently, I have the CLC strap and am using tarp straps to provide tension and hopefully it will reform back into place…however, after a test yesterday, no luck.

    I’m curious on the NRS strap solution…Did you cut them for the proper length or can you buy them in any sizes?  If so, what size and/or length?

    Also, do you think installing two straps would bend the door on the other side?  So, installing the other CLC strap parallel to other other one on the window sill and door stiffener?

    Any other solutions?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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