Galley hatch gas springs starting to fail

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    Diving Duck

    When I first installed the galley hatch the gas springs held it up just fine.  Lately though, it has started to drop down below my head.  I have had to prop it up with a stick.  Has anyone else had this problem?  I guess I’ll just go out and by some heavier-duty gas springs.


    Between my galley lights and hasp I needed a little more lift from the springs so I bought these 30# lifts:

    I only put one on for now with the original 20# from CLC but I’m happy with the performance. I’ve only used them for a few months so I don’t know how they’ll hold up long term but they were cheap enough that I didn’t worry about it too much. I also have a second set now (the other original 20# and the other 30#) as replacements if needed.



    (sorry–I didn’t see mike’s reply above before replying–and mike found a much better deal on the springs than I did!)


    I encountered this problem earlier in the fall, when we got the first blast of cold weather.  thanks to the ideal gas law, we know that the pressure of a fixed volume of gas decreases with temperature.

    the gas springs that CLC provides with the TD kit have 20lb of force.  I had an email exchange with Dillon at CLC who said their testing on the prototype determined that 2 20lb springs were sufficient.

    I bought 2 30lb springs, and started by replacing one of the 20’s with a 30.  that provided sufficient opening force in my situation, so I didn’t replace the other one.

    I would recommend you try the same thing.  IIRC, I bought it from amazon for a reasonable price.  they are made by Attwood, and the model number you want is SL34-30-5.

    the trick to removing the spring is to find the small plastic c-clip at each end of the arm.  they are about 3/8″ wide.  use a screwdriver to gently pry the clip outward while pulling the spring gently away from its mounting pin.  when you have the clip pried out enough the spring will disconnect.


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    I’m getting this too with mine and the winter cold. The galley hatch doesn’t really drop as low as you describe but it is definitely not popping all the way up as it was in the summer. If summer doesn’t fix it I guess I’ll get some 30lb lifts.

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