Forward window ideas.

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    My Fiance’ and I have decided to build a Teardrop over the Summer and use it in October for a three week honeymoon through the Southwest.  We are close to choosing the tow vehicle and while some will laugh, look at what CLC uses, a Honda Fit and Mini Cooper.  So we are down to a BMW Z4 or Porsche Boxster.    Both have the brakes and power for this and would look great.  Also, the idea of being outdoors while towing and more has great appeal.  I towed the Passagemaker I built behind my SLK230 and it was a blast.

    That said – we looked hard at the unit in the factory last weekend and amongst the things we thought of was how dark it is inside the camper.  Also, she does not like the forward puzzle joint.  While she can live with it, I gave it more thought…

    Has anyone put a forward window in their Teardrop?  I have found some nice ~14″X35″ ish opening windows.  Basically, build the unit and after it is done, add faring blocks to allow the installation of said window and add blackout curtains for sleeping.  This also adds a LOT of extra ventilation.

    Ideas, comments and thoughts?

    We are excited to build the teardrop and land cruise a few years before leaving land and want to thank CLC for more inspiration to explore and travel.

    Scott and Sara SVOTTERSNEST

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    Look in the Completions gallery — there is a TD with some forward windows installed.  Not sure a single window that big is a great idea structurally though.  The pics I have seen with forward windows had two smaller windows versus one big one. That said, the main structural component is the 4 glass layer “arch” formed at the junction of panels 1&2, designed for supporting the roof racks.  If I did a big single window I might put in some extra glass tape or even a wood stiffener bar glued in across the top and bottom of the window opening.


    Just a thought…






    Thanks for the reply.

    I was wondering about structural issues with the windows overall.  Further thoughts would be adding a small aluminum “L” beam inside over and under the windows.  This would provide curtain mounts and structural support at the same time.

    The dual smaller windows is a great idea too.  This was done in the salon of our sailboat with two 7X15 portlights per side verusus a 7 X36 single run.  Besides the ability to open, it does add structure.   I will look at two smaller windows as an option too.

    We will order the base kit around May 1.


    Scott and Sara SVOTTERSNEST

    PS – we picked the tow vehicle – Retro Ford Thunderbird in T-Bird Blue, will paint trailer base to match the car.  No idea till she saw it and I quote “That’s the most adorable car I have ever seen.”

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