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    We completed our build last year and its been going really well.  We installed the Fantastic 1200 fan but its just too strong for the small space on even the lowest setting.  We have four marine butterfly vents with two in front of the doors (near our heads) and two at the foot/galley.  Even on the lowest setting there is an audible ‘whoosh’ as air is pulled in with the vents full open.  Is there anyway that you folks can think of to reduce the power of the fan?  We like the look we have so we don’t want to poke more holes in the structure…




    If you open the fan up and inspect the motor, check if the motor has 2,3,or 4 wires coming off it. If there are only 2 wires (ie red & black) I would suggest a fan controller module that does pulse width modulation (PWM). Make sure it’s rated at least 12volt and minimum 4 amp. A product similar to this one

    You may even be able to find a controller module with a reverse setting switch, a feature not available on the Fan-Tastic 1200 but is available on the 1250. I’m not sure on the internals of the fan you have but you may be able to completely replace their control module & knob with something similar to what I previously linked. See this guys video (Warning there is a safety cringe moment in the video at @ 1:24 )

    If you do this to your fan please make sure there is also an inline fuse (some modules have them built in) if the controller fails you don’t want to start a fire.



    I used a pwm speed controller as mentioned above.


    Consider the simple fix.  Make a “restriction plate”and Velcro it up in the fan.


    My my problem is that the vents are not passing enough airflow even with the fan on low.  The cabin is pretty air tight!  I have to prop open the door a little to get full flow out the fan.

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