Epoxy thickness on galley surfaces?

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    I’m still in the early stages of my build. I’m building the box and galley first, since they take very little space and should go relatively fast.

    For the panels that make up the galley, I applied a coat of epoxy with a small roller, but as I sand it, I’m beginning to think I went too thin. Several panels appear to be down to the wood. (Posting from my phone and it doesn’t seem to want to put up pictures – I’ll update tomorrow with a photo.)

    How thick should my epoxy be? Could it be that I’m putting it on too thin? I’m doing a single coat, fairly thin, like I would expect to do if I were painting a wall with a roller. I’m using 120 grit on my orbital sander, and I’m trying to only do what is needed to make it smooth. I plan to follow up with 220 for a later coat of varnish.

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    Photo of one of my panels…looks like the epoxy is still there in spots but mostly gone.


    They will need more than one light coat before you start sanding. For example on the camper floor, after one coat with a roller there were still some areas that showed bare wood due to the surface tension of the epoxy.

    This was after the second coat before tipping with a foam brush.

    Then when you sand it you are looking for a uniform Gray/white surface without sanding too far.  The appearance will go in stages as you sand, from small white spots which develop into larger patches of white and then finally isolated pockets of dark in a sea of white. See below. These areas that are dark are valleys in the epoxy. Depending on how deep the valley is, it could be filled in with a dab of resin then sanded flush. If the valley is shallow enough than the future coats of clear sealant and sanding will level it out.

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