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    This may not end up working but if it does, I think it will be pretty handy. Looking at the stiffeners on the bottom of the galley flat kept making me think of drawer runners or supports. So while the camper was upside down and before attaching the bottom, I added pieces to the sides of the stiffeners that mightย support drawers later on.

    Here are the pieces clamped in place on the bottom of the galley flat so the drawers will be taking up some of the room (hopefully above) where your feet go but not be in the way of your feet. Notice there is only one runner on the inside of the far left stiffener. The same is true for the far right one.

    I knew that it would be much easier now rather than when everything was closed up. I also thought about only putting them in the middle section to accommodate one drawer but if this works and the drawers are not in the way, then three will be that much better. Obviously the drawers will have to be shallow and the size of the mattress will affect how deep they can be but I can make them any depth I want. I’ll figure that out later but even a two inch deep drawer can hold quite a bit (of smaller things).

    Here is a close up of a runner. I just used Titebond waterproof glue to attach them but they’ll be covered with epoxy like everything else in this space. Since the drawers can’t be very deep and won’t hold a lot, their overall weight shouldn’t be an issue.

    There is about a half inch between the runner and the fillet so there’s plenty of room for something attached to the sides of the drawers to slide in/on. If they work, they’ll be nice to have for storage. If they don’t, then the runners won’t really be in the way and it was just a little extra time and material…but I’ve got lots of both.

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