Door Sills – Epoxy?

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    I have looked through the manual a bit on this, and its not clear.

    I assume the door sills get a coat (or two) of epoxy….sounds like everything does.  However it never says to do it.  Am I assuming wrong?

    At install it notes to use cell-o-fill epoxy to attach to the shell….but not to coat with epoxy.

    Do I coat with epoxy? When?

    Any help is appreciated.


    everything gets coated with epoxy.  I would do it as installed.


    I agree, the detail on things like this does slip out of the manual as we near the end. The door sills (like everything else) should get at least two coats of epoxy and then varnish or paint. I’d go through the whole clamping with Cello-o-fill assembly, let that cure, clean up any excess, fill any gaps and make sure all your edges are rounded the way you want them, then coat. Hope this helps!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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