Dealing with "dents/impressions" in your shell caused by the mold

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    When you turn your shell over, fillet the floor and remove your mold, no matter how carefully, you may find impressions in the number 2 panels (particularly at the chines). Just the bending/ female molding does this in my humble opinion because I know I followed protocol. The solution to this is: borrow your significant others steam iron and set it on cotton/ max steam. Hold the iron just mms above he dent and pulse steam onto the wood; a lot of steam; then iron the dent out – but not too much contact.  You’ll be amazed. At first steaming most of the dent disappears. Then the rest doesn’t seem to improve any more.  Alas don’t despair. Put your steam iron down and just wait.  Magic. The rest of the impression totally dissapears. This works for any situation in which the wood fibers have been compressed but not cut/scratched/broken. Giving credit of course where it is due, this is a trick regularly taught by CLC at okoume fest (thank you CLC); but it is not in the teardrop hymnal.

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